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Intertraffic, so much more that just an exhibition

Finding new ways to share knowledge and best practices has never been more important in the world of traffic technology. Intertraffic Amsterdam is much more than just an exhibition. Discover new trends, best practices, the latest developments and solutions to challenges in the traffic industry during four action-packed days. Featuring over 80 inspiring knowledge sessions, workshops, live demos, thematic routing and face-to-face meetings to name but a few.

Your gateway to expert knowledge
Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 brings you the latest products and services, mobility projects, trends and developments in smart, safe and sustainable mobility. In our knowledge programme cooperation, connectivity and data sharing will get extra focus. The two Smart Mobility Theatres (hall 8) and the Intertraffic On Stage programme (hall 7) offer countless presentations and workshops on solutions for the ever-growing accessibility, safety and climate problems. Pioneers and innovators will share knowledge and discuss the mobility of the future on panels, in debates and in inspiring keynote speeches. Authorities will show the progress and lessons learned regarding social, economic and environmental goals and the many mobility challenges they are facing. Technology suppliers, service providers and solution vendors will demonstrate their solutions to the mobility industry and of course, end-users. 
So, do you want to know more about (inter)national Smart Mobility ambitions and cross-border activities, how to realise smart roads and digital infrastructure, in other words, preparing for automated driving, then do visit the presentations in our three theatres. Also highlighted in the theatres is data sharing, using data to fight congestion, create new traffic insights and launch Mobility as a Service. New services, all with the aim of providing an alternative to the use of the private car and to help to reduce congestion and constraints in transport capacity. And what about best practices of Cooperative Automated Driving and various new developments in road safety and Smart City Applications.

To highlight a few presentations, summits and workshops:
  • Automated Connected Driving by the Dutch Ministry of I&W and Rijkswaterstaat
  • C-ITS deployment in Europe by Dynniq
  • MaaS - greater than the sum of its parts by Maas Alliance
  • Traffic insights through Floating Car data from Google Maps by Localyse - Google Maps
  • Using data to fight city congestion and launch mobility as a service by CGI
  • Reducing parking search time by Easypark
  • Mobility as a Service - from Vision to Deployment to Operational and Service Excellence by Siemens AG
  • Strategic partnering for smart urban mobility in Europe by the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities of the European Commission
  • The Mobility Data Exchange Platform powered by Cisco
  • Cooperation Agenda Smart Mobility by Rijkswaterstaat and Province of Overijssel
  • Taking Smart Mobility to the next level in the Metropole Region of Amsterdam by the City of Amsterdam
  • Developing a digital driving license for autonomous vehicles by RDW and robotTUNER
  • Unleashing Roadway analytics by IRF Global
  • Efficient new generation tolling and tolling enforcement solutions for small and midsized markets by Squalio Cloud Consulting and Vitronic
  • Impact on Road Safety and Traffic Flow through video based enforcement by Safer Place
  • Road markings designed for optional detection by ADAS by 3M
  • An integrated approach to mobility management: Reimagining the role of infrastructure in the new connected and autonomous ecosystem by IRF Geneva and Swarco AG
  • How autonomous driving and Mobility as a Service can help cities achieve their goal by Thinking Cities and MaaS Global
The Intertraffic Seminar Programme is powered by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Rijkswaterstaat.

For Intertraffic visitors attendance is free. Seats are allocated at a first come first served basis, pre-registration is required. 

Experience Smart Mobility solutions in action
The Smart Mobility hall will also have its own indoor and outdoor demo programme. Engage in the latest vehicle and infrastructure technology or take the steering wheel yourself. Demonstrations will vary from Connected, Cooperative and Automated Driving, Futuristic Solar Cars, Sustainable Fuel Vehicles, Automated People Movers, Smart Infrastructure Technology to Virtual and Augmented Reality.
Indoor demo area: test track and space for static vehicles
Outdoor demo area: real time demonstration track
On the road demos: real traffic situations in Amsterdam

What kind of demonstrations can you expect? We have highlighted a few:
  • Automated Valet Parking enabled by Internet of Things demonstration by TNO
    This outdoor demonstration involves automated driving with path planning towards available parking spaces. Camera systems are provided with Internet of Things connectivity to automated driving.
  • Cooperative Manoeuvre using Automated Vehicles by ATeam Eindhoven
    The Automotive Technology team (ATeam), consisting of students of Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Technical University Eindhoven, will demonstrate that an autonomous and cooperative vehicle provides the solution for a smarter and safer mobility. Cooperative driving takes another step towards becoming a reality as the ATeam demonstrates wireless communication between a smart traffic light and an autonomous vehicle.
  • Communicating directly with Traffic Control Systems by Province of Noord-Holland, Swarco, Siemens and Nissan
    Intelligent traffic control systems (iVRIs) facilitate both the traditional traffic control technology and the connected technology, in which the traffic can communicate directly with the traffic lights.
    Intelligent traffic lights are able to 'recognize' incoming traffic and can adjust regulations to traffic flows and traffic intensity. This allows road users to make their route safer, faster and more sustainable. How does Talking Traffic work? The Province of Noord-Holland, Swarco, Siemens and Nissan will demonstrate this in real traffic on the N205 near Schiphol where the first smart traffic lights have been installed to recognise the variation in the flow of traffic and anticipate actual traffic conditions. So join us on the very first smart road in The Netherlands and step into our vehicle to experience how Talking Traffic works. On 21 and 22 March only, limited availability.
  • Serious gaming with CGI
    Serious gaming to prepare and guide traffic centres during a major change processes, to allow shippers and bridge operators to communicate better with each other, a 'nodes' game that can be used to improve the safety and shorten the waiting time of trains and passengers on platforms. You can experience these three serious games yourself at the demo area, hall 8.
  • Somnomat kit by Contralco
    Contralco will present Somnomat, a kit designed to sensitize all public types during training
    programmes or field actions, to the effects of drowsiness, sleep apnoea and the use of distractors. Visitors of Intertraffic are able to test their drowsiness and effects of distraction by walking a circuit and wearing a pair of drowsiness simulation goggles.
  • Stella Vie Solar Car
    Solar Team Eindhoven is demonstrating the Stella Vie, the first solar powered family car. In sunny conditions the car can drive 1000km on a battery 7 times smaller than a Tesla battery. After winning the World Solar Challenge in Australia last October, the team of young Dutch entrepreneurs are thrilled to share the venture and demonstrate the Stella Vie. You have the opportunity to see it drive, and look in and around the car.
  • Other futuristic vehicles
    • Electric Race car from the University Racing Team Eindhoven (static)
    • Super efficient car from TU/ecomotive (static)
    • Fully electric race car from InMotion (static)
    • Fuel Cell car from Rijkswaterstaat (static as well driving demonstrations outdoors)
  • Live traffic management on the way to Intertraffic
    The Amsterdam Practical Trial gives a live demonstration of the Common Operational Picture during Intertraffic 2018. From a simulated Operational Mobility Centre (OMC) in the C-entrance hall, you can see how this shared system is used by various road authorities to regulate the flow of traffic around Intertraffic in real time. By personally experiencing this new way of travelling on your way to Amsterdam and then seeing how it works at the OMC, you can find out directly if the Common Operational Picture (COP) is a service you can use in practice. The COP is compatible for use by all public and private traffic control centres in the Netherlands. Stop by at the C-entrance hall to see the techniques behind the traffic management application in real life.
Most demonstrations will be held throughout the day but certain demonstrations only take place on regular timeslots. Please check availability for test drives and register on-site at the registration desk in hall 8.

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